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Growing up, many of us are expected to go through life on a conveyor belt. We go to college right after high school, graduate with a degree in a growing field, then work for an established company and try to work our way up the corporate ladder.

There is nothing wrong with following the usual script, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to have a successful career. It’s okay to think outside the box and forge your own path.

Every day, entrepreneurs are using creative ideas to fill holes in existing markets, providing products and services that were previously unheard of.

Creativity in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are forward thinkers. They look at the world around them and see nothing but possibility. This creativity and willingness to deviate from the status quo is propelling today’s business world in new directions.

According to a recent survey, 62% of millennials have considered starting their own business, and 72% feel that startups and entrepreneurship are “essential for promoting innovation and jobs.” The biggest reason that people — especially those in younger generations — don’t follow through with their entrepreneurial plan is fear of failure and financial strain.

Minimizing Risk While Maximizing Passion

Any entrepreneur will tell you that things don’t always go right. However, there are ways to minimize risks when starting a new venture. Firstly, conduct research to ensure your idea will be well received by your intended audience. Next, formulate a business plan that is sustainable over time. It also helps to consult experts when necessary, and to know when the timing is right for your business to take off.

While conducting all the essential business tasks that comes with the territory of entrepreneurship, don’t lose sight of your values. When times are tough and it seems easier to go back to your stable 9-5 job, remember why you started. Everything you do is bringing you closer to your ultimate goal. Don’t let your passion fall to the wayside when doubt creeps into your mind.

It’s Never Too Late

It’s never too late to start your entrepreneurial journey. Even if you’ve been working in a typical office setting for 5, 10 or even 20 years, that doesn’t mean you can’t become your own boss and go into business for yourself. If anything, the professional experience that comes with time may have given you the essential skills and knowledge to help your business thrive.

Use your passion, trust your vision, and conduct due diligence. When you open your mind and allow your dreams to unfold, you could change your career (and your life) for the better.

As the saying goes, “Every successful person was once an unknown person who refused to give up on their dreams.”

Trust your entrepreneurial spirit and follow it to success.